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Waupaca Foundry Iron Castings Found Offshore and in Oil Fields

Trusted Iron Casting Supplier for Oil & Gas

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High Quality Iron Castings for Oil & Gas Extraction and Transfer

With a six-decade history of casting iron, Waupaca Foundry is a trusted supplier of pressure-retaining iron castings to the oil and gas industry. Our size, stability and experience allow us to flex with the demands of the oil and gas market. 

Ever-growing fuel consumption around the world means increased demand for oil. Waupaca Foundry helps to optimize oil and gas production with quality iron castings. Highly dependable and manufactured with consistent quality, Waupaca Foundry castings withstand the rigors of oil extraction and transfer to deliver unrelenting performance.

Waupaca Foundry produces various grades of high-strength ductile iron and austempered ductile iron castings. Castings are used for a variety of oil field applications, including corrosion-resistant housings, adapters, valve bodies and more that meet specifications for strength and hardness. Waupaca Foundry also supplies the industry with solutions that go beyond pressurized iron castings used for oil and gas transfer and flow. We supply housings, gear boxes and other iron cast components that are ideal for non-pressurized oil and gas applications and equipment.

We know that today’s oil and gas business cycles involve peak and boom times. Waupaca Foundry can scale up manufacturing to match demand. Supply chain managers across the industry rely on Waupaca Foundry as their supplier of iron castings for oil and gas exploration, development and extraction. We combine the highest quality castings with the best possible cost, so you can count on mission-critical solutions that support your operations.

Trusted Iron Casting Supplier for Oil & Gas

Waupaca is a trusted supplier for oil and gas, both on and off the oil field. From oil transport, pumps, jacks and wells, you'll find Waupaca Foundry iron castings including housings, adapters, plates, brackets, bonnets, valves, and so much more. Material grades produced include gray iron, ductile iron, high-strength ductile and austempered ductile iron castings.

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